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Importance of SEO

April 5, 2021

Importance of SEO


SEOs and digital marketers face this question inside and outside the marketing organization. SEO has been part of digital marketing more than fifteen years now and makes up a huge share of traffic for successful websites.

Research by BrightEdge shows organic search obtains the most Web traffic for a lot of sectors and it's a necessary component of revenue. It's clear the strength of SEO and driving organic traffic.

Organic search is outpacing growth in other channels. Organic search continues to grow above all other traffic and it's important optimizing your websites for SEO in 2021.

A guide to the importance of SEO - brightedge

  1. Channel Share. Organic search is the biggest channel of traffic in 2021. 53% of traffic comes from organic search.

  1. Search Share. Only 17% comes from paid search and the 83% of the traffic comes from SEO.

  1. Share of Focus. Most companies spend far more money on paid advertisement, even the organic search accounts for the most traffic.

  1. Long-Term Traffic Equity. Once SEO is earned it has long-term duration while it does require an upfront investment.

  1. Organic Traffic. Traffic from SEO has no media cost and provides return on investment bigger than most other channels. Focus on optimizing for your target audience because Search engines reward content relevant to readers.

  1. Structure. Organized websites by proper SEO make it easier for visitors.

  1. Brand Elevation. SEO success obtains a contribution of voice on search engine pages as this is elemental for your brand and creating trust.

  1. Conversion. Paid search produces quick results but it lacks originality and should be mated with SEO strategies. SEO traffic usually converts better due to the fact that rankings are more likely to deliver trust from the search engines. 

  1. Market Consideration. People often use search engines to generate a list of possible choices for the product and use them to collect reactions and reviews that advise them to make better decisions. Organic search is a mandatory part of the research process.

  1. Search and Social. Social media and SEO works side by side. Social media helps model your brand's existence online and drive traffic back to your sire. 

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